Vienna songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Fantas Schimun is due to release her new single and video “Back to the Present” before year’s end. This will be her first release on Crocodile Tears Records.

The single features a radio edit for the leading track of Schimun’s experimental Album “Golden Balls” (Keto Recordings, 2014). Following her debut “Variationen über die Freiheit eines anderen” (Zickzack, 2010), the austrian artist expanded her deconstruction spectrum from Singer-Songwriter to Soul, Gospel, Trip-Hop and Industrial – though always hand-made and never too far away from a catchy pop tune.

For “Back to the present”, Schimun is joined by Berlin musician Max Müller (of Mutter) in an apocalyptic quest for the meaning of life that takes us to the womb and the Vienna Prater.

Fantas Schimun

Fantas Schimun

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