Today we’re releasing “The Long Way Down“, the long awaited debut LP from Berlin Indie Rockers Riches of the Poor.

The emotionally impactful album showcases eight heart wrenchingly honest songs, combining 90s inspired indie rock with shoegazing elements.

“The Long Way Down” is available on CD, Vinyl and digital platforms via Broken Silence Distribution from all European retailers and is currently getting some exposure on US college radio.

Some of the praise for the “The Long Way Down” and its three singles:

“For a fact, The Long Way Down is excellent.” (Rawckus Magazine)

“Achieves the sort of rare musical equilibrium that few bands are even aware of.” (Beats Per Minute)

“A robust and open sound – inviting and inventive – that is sure to captivate the listener.” (Analogue Trash)

“This Berlin based foursome make it intense.” (Jangle Pop Hub)

“a helluva lot of folks stuck in the hurting … will connect perfectly and painfully (but in a cathartic way) with German alt-rockers Riches of the Poor”. (JWVIBE)

“It’s incredible to find a brand new song that could just as easily be a freshly discovered track from an 80s rock star.” (Essentially Pop)

Riches of the Poor
The Long Way Down
LP, CD and digital
released June 19th
Riches of the Poor

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