Danish rocker ASGER TECHAU releases his third solo album LEVELS on Vinyl and CD today. Techau has made a name for himself since the mid-90s as the drummer of Denmark’s indie-rock legends KASHMIR.

A meticulous workaholic with great attention to details, Techau produces perfect large-scale pop, with captivating vocal harmonies, layers of guitars, bass and synths and of course, imaginative drumming. At the same time, authenticity shines through as the songs avoid major pop clichés, musically and lyrically. The result is shiny sophisticated pop of great honesty and musicianship, as you would expect from a member of one of Scandinavia’s most beloved bands.

LEVELS is now available through all European retailers via Broken Silence.

Asger Techau – Levels // Released July 15th 2022 // CD 4251896101449 // LP 4251896101456

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